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daquien's Journal

This is mostly a fanart journal so be free to friend me if you like my graphics. If you want me to add you back, let me know it by p.m.

Aquí publico normalmente iconos, así que puedes añadirme si te gustan mis gráficos. Si quieres que te añada, házmelo saber por mensaje privado.

daquien tumblr <---- My tumblr account/mi cuenta de tumblr.
Credit for their awesome brushes/textures to:

ewanism creamuts paine_09 jougen_no_tsuki gothic_nyx kissncontrol divine_desire offbeat_upbeat iiokua zenni 77words pildas padabee dusty_memories fedor_morkvo xswanicons missykitty0115 the_justiner gravira contrariwise carouselcues sir sweetalexiel xsleepingswanx reyesphile tove_91 spooky_window paperheartgirl cinnamonstreet madika555 whoredom_bases toybird sweetsmile21 _sinelinea caugraphics coffeeforcloser ddg_textures bambinainnero innocent_lexys ennife rhcp_csi velvetb0x uncreativ nokitas policromo lemonpunch

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